Friday, 15 May 2009

Apple juice kefir

Sadly the almond milk kefir was a bust. So I tried out apple juice kefir instead and boy#1 has declared it delicious. I agree - not as sweet as apple juice (which I find too sweet) and slightly acid and fizzy. A great replacement for Appletizer (which I have a serious weakness for!) and a strong probiotic to boot. Instructions are again fantastically easy to follow.

1 cup apple juice
kefir grains

Rinse the grains thoroughly in filtered water to remove all traces of milk. You might want to make a couple of batches in juice before trying it out with dairy sensitive folk (who may still react but many don't apparently so it could be worth a try). Add the grains to the juice in a clean jar and leave in a cupboard overnight. Strain out the grains. You can either drink the kefir now, or put into a jar and refrigerate. I did this for a few hours and it made the drink fizzier.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruth I just started Kefiring milk in April of this year and I love it. I am now ready to branch out and today I purchased organic concord grape juice. Approximately, How many tablespoons of Dairy Kefir grains did you use to kefir your 1 cup of apple juice? An approx amount would be fine. I can't wait to read all off your Kefir info!

Ruth said...

I used two small baby grains which were roughly 1 cm in diameter. Although it doesn't matter how many grains you use - it will still work just at a different speed.
Hope you enjoy your juice kefir!

Anonymous said...

Thank You, for your quick reply