Thursday, 19 June 2008

Crustless quiche

Ran out of time yesterday but here is our menu:


For the kids: Breakfast cake
For me: Smoothie


For the kids: Bread and butter, ham and salad
For me: Ham and salad

For me: I went out for dinner with a friend - delicious!
For the kids: Crust-less quiche with steamed veggies, followed by fruit and yogurt

Crust-less quiche

500g cottage cheese
3-4 eggs
A roughly chopped onion
1-2 oz grated cheese

Put the cottage cheese, onion and eggs in a food processor and blend. Add the grated cheese and pour mixture into a deep silicone paper case (or a cake tin but the paper case is much easier to clean up!) or divide into portions in muffin tins. Bake until set (takes about 20 minutes at gas 6).
You can add any topping you like to the basic mixture. Roasted veg is delicious, as are bacon or salmon and broccoli.



Leftover crust-less quiche, fruit and homemade yogurt.


For the kids: bread and butter, ham and banana
For me: coconut chicken soup


It is my daughters 4th birthday today so she got to pick dinner. She chose chicken skin, chips, cucumber and tomatos. She did in the end have some chicken to go with her skin but only grudgingly!

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