Tuesday, 24 June 2008


For the kids: soaked oat porridge with maple syrup, cream and butter; yogurt
For me: Fruit and yogurt smoothie


For the kids: Boiled eggs and soldiers with fruit for afters
For me: A salad with bacon, eggs and mushrooms cooked in coconut oil on top


Faggots and veg

Not the most politically correctly named dish! I bought this to try out last month and hadn't needed a ready made dinner yet. Well as we are all still recovering from the sugar-rush of Ps party this weekend I'm breaking it out tonight.
SO nice to read the label of a ready meal and see ingredients that I'd use! This is made from 30% pork, 30% bacon, 30% pork offal (liver, heart and lungs) and a little rice flour, onion powder and sage. And all organic too.
Well it was lovely! The kids all ate it happily and it was very filling. P complained a bit that it was too spicy (there was a taste of pepper but it only bothered her) but she still put it away. I will definitely be getting some more of this for the freezer - a tasty and good for us ready meal is always a bonus!

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