Friday, 2 January 2009

Potato cakes

These make a great lunch or breakfast with some veggies and a slice of cheese, or a great side dish for a main meal. Always worth making extra mash so you can have these the next day!
Don't worry too much about quantities. I've never measured this out so I am guessing. Just use what you have. You can also add chopped cooked meat and/or veggies to the cakes for extra flavour and goodness. Sliced spring onions or leeks are particularly good.

2 cups cold mashed potato
1 egg
2 tbsp flour
Salt and pepper
Oil for cooking (I use lard)

Beat the egg and mix into the flour and potato. Season. Heat a frying pan and when it is hot add the fat and turn down to a medium heat. Add the potato mixture in spoonfuls and flatten them to form cakes. Fry until golden and crispy then turn and repeat!

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Jenny said...

Yummy! I sometimes make something similar--adding leftover cabbage or kale.