Saturday, 2 August 2008

Liver smoothie

We are back from our lovely holiday now and have some serious diet repair work to do! I have put on 7 lbs and eaten loads of sugar, white grains and other rubbish that I will now be craving for weeks. Sigh. Still - it was a great break and we were lucky enough to have sun every day which on a UK holiday was quite frankly astounding. Kids got to swim in the sea for the first time which they all loved and we all got nicely browned.

Kids: toast and jam - I hadn't done any shopping for real food yet
Me: left over rice

Kids are off with their Dad so probably fish fingers and chips...
I had a smoothie. I have started putting a little bit of raw liver into my smoothies sometimes. It is organic beef liver that has been frozen for two weeks (which apparently kills parasites - lovely thought isn't it!) and I have cut it into small pieces that I can either down like a pill or add into smoothies. I put quite a lot into mine today because it smelled so tasty (so I guess I must need something in it - raw liver doesn't usually appeal to me much) and I could slightly taste it (a very mild and not unpleasant flavour from 2 tbsp of liver in a big glass of smoothie). Usually I would only use about a tsp full of liver and there would be no taste. I also added kefir, fruit, coconut oil and a raw egg yolk.

Coconut chicken soup, minus the rice.

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